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Have you found your Angel?

Business angels are the investors who will help you grow your business. Connoisseurs of market trends are the right people to open the door to...

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Pitch is the soul of the business

How much time do you need to explain your project? If in 30 seconds your listeners cannot understand what you want to do, and...

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Three things to keep in mind when networking

Many people think that networking is simply distributing cards. They deliver us in exchange for a handshake, or leave us in small reams on...

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The business of the future in today’s startups

More than evaluating trends, or listening to lectures, see which are the startups where investors are betting their capital, that’s where the future is....

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6 Reasons to exhibit at a Fair

Business fairs, are tools with highly competitive performance and high added value, which act as platforms for exploration and development of corporate businesses, and boost exports. Fairs...

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